Senior Adults - Special Events

SBTC 55+ Adults Ministry Training
March 5, 2020
10:00am-2:00pm in Rushing Hall
$15, includes lunch

For all church staff and lay leadership who work with 55+ aged adults.
Seniors and boomers are one of the fastest-growing segments in our society. Your community is full of unreached seniors. Join us in discovering and discussing solutions to help churches prepare for the growing tide of retiring Boomers. 
REGISTER HERE before March 3, 2020.


Senior Adult Retreat
March 23-25, 2020


Everyone ages 55+, please join us for this annual three-day retreat at Alto Frio Baptist Encampment near Leaky, TX, with special guest preacher Tony Wolfe, intimate worship, beautiful scenery, lots of games, and delicious food. You won't want to miss it!

Total cost for the three days: $95 per person for a double-occupancy room, or $135 for single occupancy.
Please sign up as soon as possible with Al Merryman, and let Al know if you plan to ride in a church vehicle.

On Monday, March 23rd, please meet in the church parking lot by 9:30am to leave by 9:45 and carpool/caravan to Alto Frio. Several people do not drive and will need to carpool. The retreat will begin with dinner Monday evening at 5:00. Please arrive early if possible. The retreat will commence with the noon lunch on Wednesday, March 25th.
Things to bring:

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Light jacket for mornings
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Bible
  • Love offering
  • Money for noon meal on Monday, March 23rd
  • Snacks - any kind (cakes, cookies, candy, etc.)
  • Games

Special Guest Preacher

Tony Wolfe joined the staff of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention in May 2017 as the Director of Pastor/Church Relations. He has the honor of serving, encouraging, and connecting pastors and churches across the Lone Star State. Click here for more about Tony.

We have several mission projects throughout the year, including (but not limited to) working with homeless veterans in San Antonio, helping several families throughout the year (especially around the holidays), and helping take care of our church home as well. We work hard having fun and have fun working hard. It always feels like we are more blessed by the experience than those we are serving! So keep your eye on the church calendar, and keep your ears open in Sunday school to hear about our next projects!


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