One of the best ways to connect with others and grow spiritually is by joining a small group (Sunday school) for Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. Whether you are a brand new Christian, a young adult hungry to learn, or a senior adult with lots of life experiences, married, single, or single again, we have a place for you!

Campus Map with Room Numbers


Adult 1 (18+)          
  College & Young Singles
  (18 - Early 30s)

Jimmy Jowers
Sunday    9:30 AM E 204
    Bible In-Depth
  Young Adults
  (Early 30s - Early 40s)
Robby Partain On hold On hold On hold     The Gospel Project
Adult 2 (35+)          
  Median Adults Andy Schultz Tuesday 7:00 PM AMC 117     The Gospel Project
  Median Adults Lee Byrd Sunday 6:00 PM Home & Virtual     The Gospel Project
  Median Adults Kevin Doll On hold On hold On hold     Bible In-Depth
Adult 3          
  Intergenerational Ben Wells Sunday 9:30 AM Rushing Hall     Bible In-Depth
  Family Class Stan Kay Sunday 9:30 AM CLC 230     The Gospel Project
  Ladies (Ages 25+) Dora Hightower    Sunday 9:30 AM CLC 124     The Gospel Project
Adult 4          
  The One Another's Ron de Craen Tuesday 7:00 PM AMC 120     Bible In-Depth
  Mature Adults Gib Watt Sunday 4:00 PM AMC 120     Bible In-Depth
  Couples Class Jim Fielder Sunday 9:30 AM Library     Bible In-Depth
Adult 5 (55+)          
  Mature Adults John Hardy Sunday 9:30 AM Great Room     Bible In-Depth
Adult 6 (60+)  
  Victory Cecil Toon Sunday 9:00 AM Virtual     Explore the Bible
  Faith (Ladies) Cindy Wells Tuesday 12:00 PM AMC 120     Explore the Bible
  Pacesetters Tom Wideman Sunday 9:30 AM AMC 120     Explore the Bible
  Rejoice Bob Norris Sunday 9:15 AM Virtual     Explore the Bible


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